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The co-curricular activities of Schlarman Academy are to provide enriching educational experiences in both athletic and non-athletic student activities. They are to act as an extension of the classroom giving students the opportunity to develop and excel in a variety of skills and talents and to compete at the highest level possible giving the entire Schlarman Academic community (students, parents, coaches/sponsors, faculty, alumni, and others) the opportunity to display a spirit of cooperation, respect and good sportsmanship, reflecting the Christian dignity of each person.  These activities must be conducted with proper supervision in a manner consistent with the mission of Schlarman Academy.

Schlarman Academy highly encourages co-curricular activities for enrichment and to help in the development of a well-rounded Christian individual in both athletic and non-athletic student activities. However, school sponsored co-curricular activities do not supersede academic progress. Our primary goals are faith and academic development.

Alma Mater

Alma Mater


Where Vermilion gentle waters

lap against the sandy shore

Where the mighty oak and pine trees

keep their watch forevermore.

Where the sound of joyous voices

send their praises to the skies,

stands our lovely alma mater

stands our dear old Schlarman High.

Hear our promise as we pledge you

sons and daughters passing by

we'll be true to God and country

and to the name of Schlarman High.

Schlarman Fight Song

Schlarman Fight Song


On-On-On-On-Onward down the field

Fight on for our fame

We'll show our colors proudly waving

For the honor of our name


Blue and gold our banners bright

Crash through and score that play

Dear old Schlarman, here's to you

We're sure to win today.

Chee-ha, Chee-ha-ha

Schlarman, Schlarman,

Rah, Rah, Rah!