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Schlarman Academy is a Christian institution within the Roman Catholic tradition. We believe in each person’s unique worth because he/she is created by God and called to a particular end or destiny. The primary obligation for education and Christian formation rests with the parents; we share in this during the time the student is entrusted to the school. Students are admitted to Schlarman Academy without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national or ethnic origin. Eighteen percent of our students are non-Catholic. Tuition assistance is available with twenty-five percent of our student body receiving some form of assistance.

You have made the right decision in looking at Schlarman Academy for your child!  You can’t go wrong by putting your child in the hands of faith at Schlarman. Let me tell you why.   

First, the education your son or daughter receives lasts a lifetime.  Schlarman Academy academically prepares your child for a lifetime of success.  As evidence of this, I can point to the school’s accreditation, talented faculty, student progress on standardized tests, and how well our students perform later on in college.  Call me or stop in and visit so that I can share with you these and many other examples of our wonderful academic program.

Second, your child is taken care of both physically and emotionally at Schlarman Academy.  Our staff and faculty are trained to provide excellent care for your child.  Working with local law enforcement and emergency personnel our school follows policies and procedures that ensure that your child is safe.  At Schlarman every student’s happiness matters.  Our staff and faculty reach out to care for your child in the most sincere, compassionate, and loving manner.  Contact any of our school families to find out firsthand how we care for them.

Third, spiritual growth and faith development underscore everything we do for your child while he or she is a student here.  As a Catholic school, we don’t view the faith life of your child as separate from his or her regular academic learning.  We believe and we teach that God can be found in all academic subjects. We view God as the great communicator who wants us to live in peace with all our brothers and sisters, even those from different cultures and walks of life. Students of all faiths are welcome at Schlarman, currently 18% of our student body is non-Catholic.  Contact the school office to schedule a visit to experience our school community.

Schlarman Academy

Schlarman Academy – What a wonderful resource to build our area. Where I grew up we did not have the opportunity to attend Catholic schools. The nearest Catholic High School was 85 miles away and the nearest Catholic grade school was 12 miles from our home. It would have been such a great opportunity to be able to attend and participate in a Catholic education environment. We are so fortunate in Vermilion County to have such a resource that provides an outstanding education in both the academic and spiritual development of our young people who will be our future leaders. We must continue to support and develop this resource for now and for the future generations of our Vermilion County communities. Mike Yusko, Schlarman Academy Board of Trustees Member