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Schlarman Academy strives to achieve an atmosphere of academic excellence.  Our expectations for academic achievement are consistent with abilities.  Everyone has different capabilities; therefore, everyone will not achieve the same mastery of information and skills.  However, each person can work to the extent of his or her capabilities. We encourage courses that are consistent with abilities and which are a challenge to the student. Grades are given each semester. The semester grade is the permanent one and is used to compute rank in class.

The staff is willing to help each student meet academic success. Students are expected to work to the best of their ability, to maintain standards of academic honesty and to help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.  Assignments are given to assist the student’s learning process in each subject area.  Students are expected to develop a pattern of responsible behavior and to complete assignments on time. If a student fails to turn in an assignment, the teacher may schedule a required session after school with 24 hours’ notice to the parent for the student to complete the work and/or penalize the grade.  Parents are notified if a student’s grades are below average in any course.


Schlarman Academy offers a quality Catholic Education and Christian formation along with a quality academic program. A core academic program is available for all students.  Additional elective programs are offered in foreign languages, business, technology, and the arts. Religion is integrated throughout our curriculum.