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Spring Break March 26-April 2, 2018
Schlarman Academy 21st Annual Spring Raffle
South Campus First Graders Make and Fly Kites
Schlarman Academy Early Bird Raffle Drawing
Tax Credit Scholarships in Illinois
Schlarman Academy Pay Day Drawings
Pre-School Openings
Congratulations 2018 Schlarman Academy National Honor Society Inductees

Welcome to Schlarman Academy

Welcome to Schlarman Academy! Schlarman Academy is a Roman Catholic P-3 to 12th Grade educational community whose mission is to provide a student-focused educational environment, based upon the Gospel values, that promotes the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and moral development of our students by teaching the arts and Sciences in a dynamic climate of academic inquiry; sharing the Catholic faith and our many cultural traditions; and, witnessing the Good News as a people of God in a caring and supportive Christian atmosphere. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Spring Break

Monday 4:30pm

Girls - Varsity - Softball (G)

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