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Invest In Kids Act Donor Information

How it Works For Donors
Invest in Kids Act 2017

  • Donors receive a 75% state tax credit starting in 2018 for qualified donations to a scholarship granting organization (SGO).
  • The credit is capped at $1 million per donor, or a $1,333,333 donation.
  • The credits are limited by region, determined by the five Illinois Appellate courts and the proportional enrollment in recognized non-public schools until June 1.
  • Individual donors can designate their contribution to a specific school or group of schools.
  • Corporate donors cannot designate their contributions; those go into a general pool by region.
  • To claim the credit:
    • Donor must set up an account at MyTax Illinois ( which can be done now.
    • Starting January 2, 2018 apply for the credit using the MyTax Illinois account. The donor will need to provide:    
      • Taxpayer’s name and address
      • Amount of the contribution
      • Region for which the contribution will be made.
      • Name of the SGO to which the contribution will be made
      • Acknowledgement that the taxpayer will not also take a federal tax deduction for this contribution
    • The Illinois Department of Revenue will issue a contribution authorization certificate to approved donors on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • The donor has 60 days from the date on the certificate to make the donation to the SGO.
    • The SGO will electronically issue a certificate of receipt to the donor and to IDOR after payment is confirmed.