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Class Retreats

As we help the students strive to awaken a sense of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ, we believe that a student retreat is an integral part of this experience. The purposes of these retreats are to build class unity, practice teamwork, interact in ways not possible in the normal school setting, set goals for the class, and confront issues and problems within the group. The school will provide transportation and proper adult supervision for the retreats. All students must attend their class retreat unless there is an unavoidable conflict.

Retreats play a very important role in the ministry of Schlarman Academy.  All retreats are required.  If a student misses a retreat, he/she will have to meet with the chaplain for a substitute required activity.  Students are excused, without penalty of any kind, from class work and sports practices on retreat days.  Students may choose to practice after returning from retreat.  Every attempt is made to schedule retreat so that it does not conflict with other extra-curricular activities.  Students are not allowed to drive themselves to retreat.