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Spiritual Life

At Schlarman Academy, the total development of the student is always foremost in our minds. We strive to help our students in their intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, physical and vocational pursuits. The development of the spiritual life of the student is the foundation upon which we base all our efforts.

Spirituality inspires a profound respect for human freedom that is the indispensable basis for human growth. Schlarman Academy, as a Catholic School, strives to develop mature persons who will integrate their social, physical and intellectual lives with their religious life. The behavioral and attitudinal component is developed in partnership with parents and guardians as the student matures. Campus Ministry at Schlarman Academy is the vehicle by which we realize these goals. The goal of the Campus Ministry program is to complement the family in religious education, to support the local community of faith, and to extend the religious lessons of the classroom to lived faith experiences.

In our curriculum, religion is integrative. Mastery of the informational or factual component is required of all students. Catholic students are expected to participate meaningfully in liturgies and other Catholic worship activities. Non-Catholics are expected to attend these activities when they are scheduled within the school day.