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In the Fall of 2006, Schlarman High School began a tradition of honoring families who have sent numerous family members to Schlarman High School.  A family’s selection is based not only on the number of graduates/attendees, but also the following criteria:  Family members must have had recognized achievements (either academic or athletic) as students at SHS, and family members shall have been supporters of SHS after graduation, through volunteering of time, financial support, donation of skills or other activities which promote Schlarman and its continuation. The final selection is made by committee.  Pictured below are the four families that have received this honor to date.

For 30 years from 1952-1983, the Mayoras family was part of Schlarman High School athletics. It all began at 1209 Cleveland St. with Andy and Kathryn Mayoras, who belonged to St. Patrick's, believed in the importance of Catholic education, and sent all of their children to Schlarman High School. This started a tradition that included ten family members over two generations attending Schlarman High School. The family began their relationship at Schlarman with the patriarch of the family, Andrew Mayoras, who broadcast sideline commentary for Schlarman football games from 1960-1969. Schlarman High School is proud to honor the Mayoras Family for their dedication to the school and its athletic programs.

The Bateman Family was awarded the Schlarman Family Legacy award in the winter of 2007.  Since the first Schlarman class graduated in 1949, there have been only 3 years that a member of the extended Bateman family has not attended Schlarman High School.  At the top of the “Bateman-Schlarman” connection are three sisters and one brother. Together, they have sent 17 children and 14 grandchildren to Schlarman. They have 5 grandchildren who are current Schlarman students.

For over 50 years, spanning three generations, the Doan Family has had 18 members attend Schlarman.  At the top of the Doan Family are Hubert “Bud” Doan and his wife Margaret ( both now deceased.) They had eight children, one daughter-in-law and nine grandchildren who attended SHS.

For  over 55 years, and spanning three generations, the Falconio Family has had 26 members attend Schlarman, with 25 graduates. At the top of the Falconio Family are Henry Falconio and his brother Jim Falconio.  Henry has nine children, eight of whom graduated from SHS and one that attended, plus eleven grandchildren who graduated from Schlarman.  Both Jim, his wife Mary Alice and their four children graduated from SHS.