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Tuition Assistance

As a parent, you have many important financial decisions to make for your family. You must decide how to finance your child’s tuition at Schlarman Academy. What kind of returns will my child receive from an education at Schlarman Academy?

  • Survey research indicates that graduates of Catholic high schools are more likely to complete college and on average they earn more money than Catholics who don’t attend a Catholic high school. More importantly, a higher percentage of Catholics who attend Catholic high schools report that they continue to practice the faith.
  • Superior education positions your child for a lifetime of opportunity. Caring and supportive learning environment enhances your child’s self-esteem. The value of having your child supported by the dynamic community that exists at Schlarman Academy is beyond measure.

You understand these values, but you may need a plan to finance your child’s ability to experience them at Schlarman Academy. Tuition Assistance is available for those who demonstrate financial need. You may visit our scholarship page to get more information and forms regarding the other financial assistance we have available.

Spalding Scholarship Information

Families interested in applying for tuition assistance from the Spalding Scholarship Fund or Schlarman Academy must complete a  FACTS Grant & Aid Application Form. This form MUST be completed online. Applying online is available at We will have assistance available for those needing financial aid. Please contact the office to set up an appointment.

Families interested in applying for tuition assistance from the Spalding Scholarship Fund are to complete FACTS Tuition Assistance. Families must also submit a priest recommendation submitted by each for their child[ren] to the school office by April 13 or mailed directly to Office of Catholic Schools by April 15 of each year.

It is important to note the change in deadline date: All forms must be submitted by April 15 of each year. Completed FACTS forms, the fee ($30), and any supporting documents are to be filed with FACTS according to their directions online, and completed recommendations are to be submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools either by mail or online.

The application process for the Spalding Scholarship Fund is complete only when FACTS tuition assistance is complete with all uploaded forms, fees paid to FACTS and the priest recommendation has been submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools. Completed applications which include supporting documents submitted on or before April 15, will be considered when Spalding assistance grants are determined.

All entities in the diocese awarding tuition assistance will use the FACTS form, so a family will only have to complete this form once.