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Students Attend Suicide Prevention Speech

October 11, 2019
By Farrah Anderson
Kevin Hines Photo

The Junior and Senior classes attended the Kevin Hines speech at the DACC Bremer Center on Thursday, October 3. Starting at 11 A.M., Kevin’s speech urged the audience to “never again silence your pain.”

Kevin attempted suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge on the morning of September 25, 2000. After being rescued by the United States Coast Guard, Kevin decided to change his life. He told the audience about his life of pain: parents with substance abuse issues, foster care, bipolar disorder, auditory hallucinations, and depression. He said that his auditory hallucinations told him, “Kevin, you’re done. You deserve to die.” 

The audience, a sea of young people, fell silent when he spoke. His words echoed throughout the packed auditorium. “Never again silence your pain. You deserve this life until your natural death,” he said intensely. 

The room was filled with hundreds of voices repeating after him, “We never have to die by our hands.” 

Behind him, a projecter board glowed with a photo of him smiling, wearing a red t-shirt with the slogan “It’s OK to talk.” He pointed and said, “It won’t get any better if we stay silent about it.” 

 Mrs. Sacheli, who organized the Schlarman group going, said that the talk, “brought home the value of life and gave hope.” Isabelle Peters, a senior, said “The speech was very impactful. It showed us that because he survived the lowest of the low that we can too.”

If you are thinking about suicide or need help visit