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Schlarman Academy Garners Highest Average ACT Score in Vermilion County

We are frequently asked about ACT scores for Schlarman Academy.  The chart above is a comparison of the county schools to Schlarman Academy.  The graph represents the percentage of students who met the cut scores.*  Our ACT composite score average is 23.2. This is the highest it has been in five years and is the highest in Vermilion County.  We are excited to see our continued commitment to academic excellence displayed in the students’ scores. 

The English cut score is 18.  The cut score for Reading is 22 and for math the cut score is 22.  The cut score for Science is 23.  The overall score is calculated when all other subject matter benchmarks are met. 

We are excited to see our outstanding scores in English, Math, and Reading.  Our new biology books and chemistry focus will help increase our Science scores.  Our teachers went through ACT Prep training.  We will be implementing many concepts within the core of each subject area to help continue to grow our scores.  We will also review with students test taking skills and score knowledge to help give them a better understanding of the test as a whole.  Please feel free to call us for more information.

*ACT scores are based on a wide range of intellectual abilities.  It is required to be taken by all junior students.