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Our Logo

The seal is a triple symbol of the Holy Family: the cross reminds one of Christ, Our Redeemer; the star, the ceaseless vigilance of Mary, Our Mother; and the carpenter square symbolizes Saint Joseph, patron of the school. The five dots on the cross represent the five Vermilion County Catholic parishes. The star also represents knowledge, the square represents service, and the cross represents faith. Mary is represented in the blue background color of the seal.

F. A. I. T. H.


Create a supportive partnership of school, families, parishes, and community for our students.



Inspire all our students to rise to their fullest potential through high expectations and academic rigor.



Instill a sense of service in our students and families to the school and community at large.



Respect and value those who came before us and created the legacy that we carry forward.



Teach moral and spiritual behavior in order to develop students of honor and integrity.