Faculty & Staff

  Name Title Group Contact
Donna Baldwin Baldwin, Donna Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Terrence Baldwin Baldwin, Terrence Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Tina Bateman Bateman, Tina Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
Tammy Bennett Bennett, Tammy Food Service Staff North Campus 217.442.2725
Jennifer Blurton Blurton, Jennifer Secretary North Campus 217.442.2725
Sarah Bogen Bogen, Sarah Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
David Calkins Calkins, David Technology Coordinator North Campus, South Campus 217.442.2725
Joanne Chacón Chacón, Joanne Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Ashley Cho Cho, Ashley Guidance Director North Campus, South Campus 217.442.2725
Kelsy Clark Clark, Kelsy Teacher Assistant South Campus 217-442-3880
Lisa Cooper Cooper, Lisa Instructor South Campus 217-442-3880
Meggin Cooper Cooper, Meggin Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Mark Croy Croy, Mark Dean of Students North Campus, South Campus 217.442.2725
Joan Dale Dale, Joan Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
Christina Dietzen Dietzen, Christina Development Director Administration, North Campus, South Campus 217.442.2725
Kathleen Gallagher Gallagher, Kathleen Instructor North Campus, South Campus 217.442.3880
Lisa Gross Gross, Lisa Secretary South Campus 217.442.3880
Kelly Hahne Hahne, Kelly Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
John Henkelman Henkelman, John Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Lisa Hilleary Hilleary, Lisa Instructor South Campus 217.442.2725
David Jett Jett, David Custodian South Campus 217.442.3880
Cathy Kasallis Kasallis, Cathy Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
Megan Kelsey Kelsey, Megan Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
Judy Larson Larson, Judy Program Coordinator South Campus 217-431-0987
Blake Leonard Leonard, Blake Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Gail Lewis Lewis, Gail Principal Administration, North Campus, South Campus 217-442-2725
Lisa Lukas Lukas, Lisa Instructor South Campus 217-442-3880
Aubrey Myers Myers, Aubrey Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Sharon Oakwood Oakwood, Sharon Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Scott Osborn Osborn, Scott Custodian North Campus, South Campus 217.442.2725
Rebecca Payne Payne, Rebecca Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Patricia Prall Prall, Patricia Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Barbara Rew Rew, Barbara Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
Bruce Rogers Rogers, Bruce Business Manager South Campus 217.442.3880
Ann Ruskin Ruskin, Ann Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880
Anne Sacheli Sacheli, Anne Director of World Languages/Instructor Administration, North Campus 217.442.2725
Phil Sexton Sexton, Phil Athletic Director North Campus, South Campus 217.442.3880
Scott Shull Shull, Scott Business Manager Administration, South Campus 217.442.3880
Patricia Stitt Stitt, Patricia Secretary North Campus 217.442.2725
Dennis Williams Williams, Dennis Instructor North Campus 217.442.2725
Michele Winn Winn, Michele Instructor South Campus 217.442.3880