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Admissions Policy

The primary purpose of Catholic education is to give a well-rounded spiritual and academic education to Catholic young people. However, Schlarman Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to the school.

It does not discriminate based on race, color, national and ethnic origin in admission policies or scholarship and loan programs.

Schlarman Academy is dedicated to serving the spiritual and educational needs of Catholic students who demonstrate a commitment to its mission, goals, and religious values, and who best benefit from its academic program. We admit a broad cross section of students with varying academic, leadership, athletic, and artistic abilities. Schlarman Academy seeks a student body, which will benefit from and contribute to academic excellence within a community of faith.

Incoming students entering High School level may be required to take a placement exam. This standard indicator and the information gathered from parents, teachers, and grade school transcripts are used to plan the student’s academic program. If the information gathered indicates that Schlarman Academy does not have the educational program which best serves the needs of the student, the student will not be accepted.

Students transferring to Schlarman Academy from other high schools will undergo a screening process to assure that the student’s former school record and reason for transfer are consistent with Schlarman Academy’s mission and goals. All students entering and seeking admission to Schlarman Academy grade 9 to 12 must also pass the drug-screening test as set forth in the Policy for Screening for Drug Usage. When a student is accepted, school transcripts are used to plan the student’s academic program at Schlarman Academy. 

Should space or the quality of the educational program become restricting factors on enrollment, Schlarman Academy will admit students on a priority basis.

First Priority: Students currently enrolled at Schlarman Academy and siblings of current students attending Schlarman Academy

2nd Priority: Parishioners of Vermilion County Catholic Churches with no children attending Schlarman Academy.

3rd Priority: Parishioners of Catholic Churches outside Vermilion County.

4th Priority: Non-Parish affiliated Catholics

5th Priority: Other Non-Catholics

Once a child is enrolled at Schlarman Academy, he/she will fit into the "first priority".

As part of the admission procedure, students agree to maintain a commitment to the mission, goals, and religious values of Schlarman Academy through the support of the policies outlined in the student handbook and appropriate academic achievement.